Tricks for sticking with an exercise program.

Meltdowners you are now two and one-half weeks into your new weight loss program and this new lifestyle change may be a little challenging! You are exercising again (like you did last year), but now be asking yourself “why did I stop last year when I was feeling so great?”  You may be able to make your exercise program more consistent (and long lasting ) if you  use some of the following “tricks”.

  • Look at exercise differently – All movement is exercise. Take the dog for a walk, take 5 minute stretch breaks, break up your lunch hour into eating and then a brisk walk!
  • Set goals! –  Challenge yourself and set goals such as increasing the speed, frequency or duration of your activity. Do you have a hill on your walking route that appears to be too much? Break it down into achievable segments.
  • Get a Partner! Find a workout buddy or personal trainer that you must make an appointment with to keep you accountable. It is harder to cancel when you have someone else that you are accountable to.
  • Try Something Different! Maybe in the past your exercise routine was based on what other people like to do! In the fitness world variety is the name of the game! Physical activity is not boring, it just what you may have chosen.

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