Get Your Spring Game On!

One of the great things about living in Nevada County is our physically active community. With spring right around the corner, we’ll soon see people outside enjoying the warmer, dryer weather as they recover from the cold, wet winter. The tough thing about our winters is that even many “active” people have hibernated all season leaving them totally unconditioned for spring activities.


We all have one. We start with good intentions, planning to train in the winter, but life and winter get in the way. Before we know it, the weather turns nice and we are no more ready to play softball, run, swim or hike than the man in the moon.

I am going to assume that deep down you all do know that it really does take longer than two weeks of crazy, intense training to be truly conditioned. As a fitness professional, I see a lot of people with a variety of injuries because they tried to shortcut their conditioning. Those commonly include rotator cuff strains and tears, ankle sprains, muscle tears and extreme overall soreness. I imagine that orthopedists, podiatrists, physical and massage therapists love this time of year as the walking wounded athletes limp in for repair.


Begin by evaluating what you did last year. Did you sustain an injury? How was your bat speed? Were your knees sore and tweaky? Did you finish your 5 or 10K run? Did your first day of gardening hobble you for a week? How quickly did you recover? This is the time for brutal honesty. If lasts years performance was not satisfactory to you, make a commitment now to change that past model.


If you want to prevent springtime (and summertime) injuries and improve your game, start preparing NOW!

We can all do more cardio training, including long slow distances, but also more intense interval training. Rotator cuff exercises are critical. Squats and hamstring exercises? A must do!  Balance and ankle strengthening? Of course! Make sure you training is balanced so that you have not missed any quadrant of your body. And if you are unsure how to proceed, seek out an educated fitness professional to help you create a strategy. I promise, your body will thank you!

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