You, the client/participant, are aware that by enrolling in a Real Life Fitness program or activity, you are choosing to engage in physical exercise and that your use of equipment, training and instruction could cause certain risks or injury to you. We advise and recommend that you consult your physician before undertaking any exercise program and you understand that this is your responsibility, NOT ours. With this understanding, you are choosing voluntarily to participate in the activities of Real Life Fitness and to assume all risks of injury that might result.

In consideration of the right to participate in such activities, some of which may involve strenuous activity, you agree to waive any claims or rights you might otherwise have to sue or make claim against Real Life Fitness, your trainers or instructors for injury or losses to you as a result of these activities.

Photographic Waiver and Release

You, the client, agree to grant Real Life Fitness the irrevocable right and unrestricted permission to use and publish photographs or video images of you, or in which you may be included, for any purpose authorized by Real Life Fitness, including but not limited to: website use, editorial publications, brochures and advertising use. This grant includes the right to modify and retouch the images at the discretion of Real Life Fitnss. You understand that the circulation of such materials could be worldwide and that there will be no compensation to you for this use. Furthermore, you understand that you will not be given the opportunity to inspect or approve the finished products or the advertising copy or the printed matter that may be used in connection therewith. In granting this permission to Real Life Fitness, you are fully and without limitation releasing it from any liability that may arise from the use of the images.